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Linkedin Infocus

 My pro-bono, unsolicited "radical honesty" campaign for the dreaded LinkedIn. 


Client: LinkedIn
Brand Statement: You are your job — and nothing else!
Target: Women & Men 18-55 who enjoy in-service training, off-site trust falls and on-call weekends and holidays.
Messaging Objective: Empowering the little voice in your head that’s perpetually hissing, “Get back to work, slacker!” Because even during life’s unbearable moments of would-be leisure, LinkedIn keeps your brain submerged in a virtual slurry of office humblebragging and break room Keurig mud — bolstering your all-consuming identity as a happy cog in the glorious meat-grinder of capitalism.
Tone: Aspirational, Compliant
Competition: The chattering reanimated head of Dale Carnegie surgically grafted to your shoulder.
#LinkedIn #socialmedia #socialimpact #branding #performativeworkaholism #existentialdread #hashtagsFTW


Client: LinkedIn
Brand Statement: Basically… Facebook In Pleated Khakis
Target: Male & Female 21-65, who enjoy food, shelter, clothing, and PPO healthcare plans.
Messaging Objective: As society awakens to the reality that social media is a malignant cancer on the soul of humanity, position LinkedIn as not as a rapacious, data-harvesting villain that reduces people to virtual chattel, but as a compulsory theatrical facet of modern professionalism, rejection of which poses a horrifying existential threat to the lowly worker bee AND his/her loved ones.
Tone: Officious, Anxiety-Triggering
Competition: Human Interaction

Ahem. So how much do I loathe social media? I wrote a book about it.

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